Burke Shipping Group

Problem to be solved.
Having data backed up is critical for all enterprises. However the time to recover the data can be overlooked. Burke Shipping had a specific requirement to recover critical files from offsite storage instantly.

What was the customer looking for?
Burke Shipping Group had a cloud service requirement to secure online backup of critical data which could be stored offsite and could be instantly restored if and when required in real-time. A major factor in the selection process was Digital Planet’s ability to manage the back-ups while deeply understanding Burke Shipping Group’s infrastructure.

Why was Digital Planet selected?
Burke Shipping Group evaluated Digital Planet’s comprehensive CloudStore online backup offering in it’s search for a cloud technology partner which could efficiently and securely implement a solution which would meet the identified needs. Burke Shipping Group enjoy a solid, long-term relationship with HiberniaEvros for 24×7 managed services support. Given the group’s insightful knowledge of Burke Shipping Groups IT infrastructure, Digital Planet™, HiberniaEvros’ independent enterprise cloud solutions subsidiary, was evaluated to carry out the required service. Following the evaluation process, Digital Planet’s CloudStore was successfully adopted for online backup and data storage.