Digital Planet: The Future of Cloud as We Know it

The idea of connecting the world with information and data is not a new one and goes back to the 60s when the person credited with developing the first web connection, J.C.R Licklider, thought of interconnecting virtually everyone at any location or site. While the internet seems like what Licklider had in mind, cloud computing is clearly turning out to be another idea that’s probably what the pioneer had in mind.

The idea of the cloud is also thought to be from a computer scientist known as John McCarthy and perhaps the pioneer of artificial intelligence as a discipline, believed to have had the idea of cloud computing at the same time as Licklider. McCarthy had the idea of delivering computation services from a single public convenience.  However, the vision of both Licklider and McCarthy, the internet and the cloud, did not come as fast as their ideas.

The internet has grown very slowly since the 1960s with almost zero growth in the 70s and 80s and fully started flowering back in the 1990s.  However, the 1999 CRM Salesforce is always seen as the first move towards the world of cloud computing. With the development and heavy investment in cloud computing, there is a reason to believe it’s about time cloud computing went mainstream in the foreseeable future, 2015 setting the pace.

In 2014, a survey on hundreds of IT professionals indicated 34.1 percent of them were already running and administering applications in the cloud. Another 43.3 percent had also reiterated they were in the process incorporating cloud in their IT applications. 31.5 percent of the surveyed professionals confessed to managing critical internal applications within the cloud with 66.4 percent confirming they were looking into the cloud, planning to turn to it or implementing such installations.

This is the reason why such services as server performance tuning are very easy to deploy due to cloud computing. Fixing and finding query performance is now rapid through database performance analyzer, all thanks to cloud computing, indicating where the future lies.

In fact, cloud computing is a global phenomenon and every IT professional and company knows where the future will be hedged on. Research by a number of companies on thousands of IT professionals globally came to the conclusion that about 50 percent of the surveyed had laid out plans for the implementation of cloud computing which they had already started. A lot of the respondents with a global outlook indicated they were opting for the cloud as a solution in a hybrid way, where they did not have to be compelled into choosing one cloud solution over another.

Of importance is that almost 50 percent of diverse organizations indicated in the research they had already traversed the pilot stage and looking towards full cloud computing implementation. Another 32 percent had also answered that they already had a formal plan for cloud computing.

This means every organization will soon have to turn fully to cloud computing as it becomes mainstream and there will be all kinds of providers fighting for business. If there is a poor cloud computing solutions provider, chances are they will fall away. Improvement of cloud security is given as organizations will definitely demand it. Lots of companies will also create their own unique cloud frameworks including internal clouds adoption.

Source: Rick Delgado (@ComputingClouds)


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